Managed Services

We manage & maintain your infrastructure, and regularly review performance and security.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Your Infrastructure will be monitored 24/7 via our dedicated monitoring platform, giving us visibility of all of your vital services and equipment. We are able to resolve issues and perform updates outside of your business hours, on your terms.


Virus’ will always be a threat, that’s why we insist our Managed AntiVirus products are installed on your Servers and Workstations. We’ll go further, and implement Advanced Threat Protection on your email service and network gateway (STC).


Backups are critical to every business, we won’t make any changes to your environment until there is a robust backup solution in place. If your infrastructure allows, we’ll setup a local and off-site backup for every server, and consider any other data which also needs to be protected. We’ll backup Workstations, Azure, Office 365, and others, as required.


Security of your infrastructure is paramount. We’ll review your infrastructure, keep firmware and software up to date, and reduce your attack surface as much as possible. We’ll also periodically review your infrastructure for weaknesses, and discuss your options to lock down your systems further.

Spam Filtering

Spam can waste a lot of your time, along with carrying potential virus’. We will configure the Spam filter in Office 365 to minimise the clutter in your inbox, and for alternative email solutions we offer a cloud based spam filtering solution.


We monitor your Physical and Wireless networks to ensure performance is optimised, suggesting changes to allow for further improvements and growth. We’ll also separate guest and company network traffic to make sure you stay secure, and offer failover options for your critical systems.